January 13, 2011

Installing the Xcode Developer Tools for MacPorts and Fink

Apple's Xcode Developer Tools include a complete development environment. But even if you don't plan to develop Mac apps, you might still need to install the Xcode suite. For example, if you want to use MacPorts or Fink to bring open source Linux apps to your Mac, you'll need the Xcode suite on your system.

Don't worry if you don't plan to compile anything yourself, the Xcode Developer Tools don't take up much space and won't significantly modify your Mac. You need the Xcode Developer Tools with either Fink or MacPorts because both programs essentially take the headaches out of compiling your own program, but they do still compile.

Just insert your Mac OS X install DVD and click the shortcut to install the Xcode Developer Tools. This will open the setup program. Be sure to install the optional components for command line development. Be sure to restart your system after installing Xcode before you try using it, or before you install MacPorts or Fink.

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