August 27, 2009

International Keyboard Layout for Mac

In the previous post I discussed how to enter special characters in Windows. But what if you have a Mac? If you’re using a Mac, there are two options. The first is to use a series of shortcut keys to enter accents, each of them involves first pressing the Option key. A list of those shortcuts is provided below for your convenience. The second option is to use a special utility that will add an option for the US International keyboard layout to the Mac. This utility will make you Mac keyboard behave the same way the US International Keyboard pictured below does (for more details see this post). This utility can be found here: Installation is not difficult, follow the instructions on the author’s site to install it, and remember to log out and back in again before using your new keyboard layout.

List of Mac Key Combinations
1. Acute accent: Option-e, for instance for á, you would press Option, then the letter e, followed by the letter a.
2. Cedilla (ç): Option-c.
3. Tilde(ñ or ã): Option-n, press the key combination, followed by the letter, for instance Option-n-a, will type the letter ã.
4. Circumflex (ê or î): Option-i.
5. Umlaut (ü or ö): Option-u.
6. Stroked o (ø): Option-o.
7. Inverted question mark (¿): Option-Shift-?.
8. Inverted exclamation point (¡): Option-1.

Note: for capital letters add shift to the above combinations as needed.

Figure 1 - International Keyboard Layout

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